dprado T1 - T-type healthy saddle

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Posted 31 Jul 2016
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T-type healthy saddle - everyday biking's good companion.
No friction for groin and No oppression for perineum supporting for butts that will increase pedaling force.
Can avoid sex ED from unusual sports injury, the longer you ride, the more comfortable you feel.
Ergonomic design for any kind of bike, suitable for both male and female.


1> Appearance= Lightness, novelty with a sense of future, a sense of technology that brings a sense of novelty for the bike.

2> Comfort= As bike saddle adopts the design of center toward two-side extensions, the body of saddle presents linear-shaped in two-side extensions that will not embed itself in buttock cleavage, and the contact surface with excessive buttocks will lead to less oppression for buttocks.

3> Effectiveness= The body of the saddle presents a linear shape in two-side extension makes a supporting for buttocks that will increase pedaling force, and meantime, a bike rider is not necessary to contract the anus, press buttocks, and there is no pain that will give rise to extra physical burden.

4> Cheng fu= the acupuncture point, massage effect: Slim down, tighten and lift the buttocks, improve blood circulation to increase leg strength and butt muscle mass, restore elasticity and vigor for loose muscles, improve sagging buttocks, reduce body fat of buttocks and back thigh muscles, shape beautiful body line for buttocks, improve fat, loose and drooping buttocks, help blood circulation in lower limbs, increase better leg strength and make better endurance for bicycle riding

5> Health=
(I) No friction for groin
(II) No oppression for perineum
(A) When riding bicycle, pubertal juveniles may feel abnormal oppression for perineum that would cause poor blood circulation and insufficient blood flow that insufficient frequent stretch for cavernous body will affect growth of genital organs. People also keep hearing bike riding hymen injury for girls
(B) Oppression over a long period of time will caused poor blood circulation and insufficient blood flow for middle-aged males that may result in sexual function only earlier.
(C) Adult males long-term oppression may cause oppression for nerves near, poor blood circulation, insufficient blood flow to penis. A lengthy bike riding over a long period of time may result in ED and abnormal sports injuries for genital organs.
(III) Females who feel nerves near urethra and sexual organs oppressed arising from longterm oppression may also face a condition of reducing sexual pleasure due to oppression of nerves and insufficient blood flow.

6> Made by Manganese steel and weight at 267g

7> Applicable for different types of bicycles.

* Note: T1 has a layer of soft silicon, so its more comfortable than T3 where just plain hard PP material..

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