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Honey is the sweet solution.

The Honey Stinger Protein Bars are about half the size of their 20g Protein Bars hence they have half the amount of protein. It goes without saying that the rest of the nutritional information reads at roughly half of the bigger bar. This makes them a better snack size if you don't like to have big objects in your jersey pocket, or if you simply don't need that much food on your training loop.

The more interesting comparison is to Honey Stinger's Energy Bars. They're similarly sized at 50 grams compared to the 10g Protein Bar's 42g total, and they both have 10 grams of protein. However, the Energy Bar has half again the amount of carbs -- 28g compared to the Protein Bar's 18g. So the choice is yours to make depending on your preferred ratio of carbs to protein.

Like the Energy Bars, the Honey Stinger 10g Protein Bars use nature's energy food, organic honey, as the carbohydrate source. The part that makes honey great for endurance athletes is that it's a just right 1:1 blend of fructose and glucose, two simple sugars that enter the bloodstream quickly to give you a rapid energizing effect as you exercise. They also include whey protein. It's known to have the highest bio availability, so it also acts fast to work for your body. This protein is necessary for muscle recovery after strenuous endurance exercise. But did you know that protein can keep your body from cannibalizing itself during prolonged activity? In addition to burning the stored glycogen in your muscles, your body will get 10-15% of its energy from the breakdown of amino acids in your muscles. You can avert this gluconeogenesis (sounds bad doesn't it) and the weakened, sore muscles it causes by providing your body with protein as part of your endurance fuel.

Honey Stinger 10g Protein Bars come in a box of 15. They're available in four flavors -- Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond, Dark Chocolate Mint Almond, and Peanut Butta.

About Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger, based out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, has been around since 2002 and makes it their job to provide natural honey based athletic fuel products. For centuries we've eaten honey and known it as a ready-made source of quick energy. The fact is: the bees that make it do all of the work in terms of preparing it into a blend of simple sugars that is readily absorbed by our bodies. Honey Stinger Energy Gel relies on honey as a main ingredient for this very reason. Honey Stinger products are great during intense endurance efforts for another reason. They have a 1:1 fructose to glucose ratio -- the same as the fruits we eat. What this means is that during hard exercise, Honey Stinger Gels won't upset your stomach, leaving you thinking less about your race and more of when can you get off the bike and find some relief. The gels are just right if you're looking for the quickest form of energy. They go down quick, are delicious, and are more quickly absorbed into the bloodstream than any of Honey Stinger's products.

100% USA certified Organic Honey
25% of each bar is honey
25% of ingredients are organic
10 grams protein whey protein isolate
190 calories per 1.5oz/42g bar
Gluten-free ingredients
0g trans fats and no partially hydrogenated oils
22 essential vitamins and minerals, calcium and anti-oxidants
Pure natural energy, truly great taste

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