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Product Description

Zeroflats is a latex nanocapsules composition that remains liquid inside your wheel but which clots when the tyre is punctured forming a flexible and permanent plug, which has similar characteristics to rubber tires. ZEROFLATS replaces the inner tubes and repares punctures immediately, without having to change to a tubeless tire!

Mountain biking has changed extraordinarily in the last few years. A bunch of innovations and new technology has made this sport more fun, easy and passionate than ever. Inspite of this there is still a technology that doesnt offer a definitive solution: we are sure you have had many punctures, and you have asked yourself how is it possible that nobody has invented a solution to avoid it.
In Zeroflats we believe that having a puncture is a blast from the past, its time to forget flat wheels for ever.

As you should know, years ago tubeless technology arrived to the MTB world, with the promise to make the quality of the wheels better eliminating punctures. Still the weight and the high prices of tires have stopped the introduction of it in our sport. Besides you should has experienced with TUBELESS its also possible to have a punctures! As a result, the tubeless system has won a bad reputation and the majority of bikers still keep using tires+inner tubes in their machines.
Ride without inner tube will be for sure much better. The rest of vehicles we know work with no problem with this system for a long time. The fact is bikes are different to the rest: A bike is the lightest vehicle compared with the cargo weight that rides over very hard terrains at a very slow speed and has a human traction. Tires must support all types of abuses and must be built as much lighter as possible. That was not easy to achieve.

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