RESKIN BIKE Patch - To protect against saddle sore/chaffing/blisters

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Posted 9 Jan 2017
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Hi All,

I want to sell RESKIN BIKE 2nd skin silicone patch.

This product is a thin layer of patch with a reusable silicone adhesive (estimated up to 10 times each pad) to be placed at your perineum area to protect against direct fabric rubbing of your skin with your cycling pad/pants.

At the moment, only the male version is available. However this male version can be modified to suit female cutting. Will send more info if requested.

Pricing: RM40 per patch
*Price including shipping charges within Malaysia only.
*Please note that no return or warranty claim will be accepted once it's original wax sheet is being removed and/or the product is used.

Stock availability. Updated 9th Jan 2017:-
RESKIN BIKE Patch (Male) : Available
RESKIN BIKE Patch (Female): Not Available

To order or for more inquiries, please send email to:

More Product info:-
How does it do this work? It is simply a sheet of thin, low-friction mesh fabric with an silicone adhesive backing that is designed to be stuck to the skin of the perineum and inner thighs.

The shape is surely self-explanatory, as is the difference between the male and female versions. For the boy with the low attention span at the back, the male shape is the one with a kind of extension on the front edge. The patch is supposed to be positioned so that the rounded ends sit directly between the thighs where they rub against the saddle. Of course, it can be placed anywhere and even cut into small pieces if necessary.

Dont worry about the adhesive. Theres no chance of inadvertently receiving a crack and sack come removal time. It is a medical adhesive developed for burns patients and is amazingly tacky but easy to peel. This means that the patch can be applied over broken skin without risk of aggravating any injury when it is removed.
The fabric is breathable and the patch as a whole washable. The adhesive still sticks firm after multiple applications. This allows re-use up to a claimed ten times after washing, which can be performed by hand with regular soap/shampoo. Putting it in the washing machine might not be a good idea. The adhesive sticks to itself even when wet, so some unravelling is needed before it is laid out to dry.

This washability goes a long way to offsetting what looks like a high initial price. The actual cost works out at a reasonable RM4 or so per wear, although use in muddy conditions may render the patch unwashable.

Once in place it is unnoticeable. It stays put, and is painless to remove. It can be worn either to protect an existing wound or to prevent friction and chafing, especially on long rides such as century rides.

Hope to have your support.

P.S: Please note that the re-useable time of this product stated above is just an estimation. It may varies according to different style or habit one has on the saddle.

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