WOLF TOOTH Drop-Stop Chainring, Elliptical Direct Mount for SRAM BB30 ''0mm offset'' Cranks (New)

Price RM 328.00
Condition Brand new
Posted 17 Oct 2017
Category Chainrings
Brand Wolftooth
Teeth 28T, 30T, 32T, 34T
Intended Use Mountain

We won't try to convince you that elliptical (or oval, the same thing) chainrings will change your life...but they might! What we can say for sure is that they can provide an efficiency benefit and smoother power output. With this, you will experience the benefits of better traction, especially with technical climbing, and faster acceleration.

Our proprietary design has ovality of 10% and timing of 112° after TDC (top dead center). These values provide the benefits of an oval ring without the drawbacks of greater ovality or more aggressive timing.

The simplest way to explain how they "feel" is that where your pedal stroke is weakest it feels like you have a 2 teeth less on the chainring and where you have the most power it feels like you have 2 more teeth. They feel this way because with the radius of the chainring constantly changing, the torque needed to turn the cranks is constantly changing to better match your power output. Example: a 34t chainring feels like a 32t in the weak part of your pedal stroke and a 36t in the part of the stroke where your legs have the most power.


•These are 0mm offset flat direct mount chainrings to fit SRAM cranks.
•These direct mount chainrings will replace your existing chainring and spider, which is attached via 3 bolts on the back side of the spider near the spindle. You will use these same 3 bolts to attach the Wolf Tooth SDM (TM) chainring.
•Provide a great chainline on most boost bikes. See this explanation for details.
•They only fit on BB30 short spindle SRAM cranksets
•The ONLY exception to mounting them on a BB30 short spindle is when using a Fat Bike crankset (X9 or XX1) designed for a 170mm spaced rear hub on a 190mm space rear hub bike. Check out this explanation of chainline and hub spacing.
•This decision tree will help you determine if you have a removable spider, and if you do what ring you need for your cranksets (there are 2 different ring offsets used by the BB30/PF30 cranksets):

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