For sale: CERTIFIED BIKE FIT STUDIO. Flat Pedal RM150. Cleat Complete RM420. Extended Comprehensive RM820.

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Posted 24 Feb 2017
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How to spot a bad bike fit?
1. Groin numbness and pain.
2. Foot and toes numbness.
3. Lower back and knee pain.
4. Tension on shoulders and neck.
5. No improvement with training.

How does a good bike fit feels?
1. Neutral and flexible.
2. Smooth and natural.
3. Capable to push harder to improve.

What LittleRock covers during fit session?
1. Foot and knee issues.
2. On-shoe cleat compensation (FREE).
3. Saddle & handlebar positioning.
4. Saddle & handlebar profile matching.
5. Body weight distribution technique.
6. Correct and efficient pedaling methods.
7. Eliminate inefficient cycling habits.
8. Training & recovery schedule.

Chuah +6012-232-4868

Official Credentials:

1) Double Certification Professional Bike Fitter:
- VelogicFit (NZ) 3D Motion Fit Analysis.
- BikeFit LLC (USA) Pro-Level 1 Fitter.

2) Full-Time since May 2014, over 610 recorded fits.

3) Bikefit writer for Cycling Malaysia Magazine since Jan 2015.

4) Daily Updates:

5) Technical & FAQ:

6) Customer feedback photo album:


*No hidden cost. On-shoe correction parts are free.
*No price increase since day-one from May 2014.

3 packages available RM150, RM420, RM820

Specialization & Services Provided:

1) Road, TT and MTB.

2) Advanced solution to solve Foot & Leg issues:
- Foot-tilt-angle (FTA)
- Leg-length difference (LLD)

3) True personalized fit using test parts:
- Modular fitting stem 50mm-150mm.
- Canyon 1-1/4" OD2 stem 60mm-120mm.
- Handlebars 36cm to 44cm with shifters.
- Saddles with different profiles for testing.
- Seat post with different setbacks.

4) Monitor performance with power meter trainer.

Chuah +6012-232-4868

Studio Location:
Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur.

Out-station can be arranged, previous locations:
Sabah: Kota Kinabalu (4x) & Tawau
Sarawak: Miri
Johor: Batu Pahat (2x), JB & Kota Tinggi
Pahang: Chukai (2x) & Kuantan
Penang: Georgetown & Bkt Mertajam
Perak: Sitiawan (3x) & Ipoh

Certification Course Photos:

1. Photo album from 2016 certification

2. Photo album from 2014 certification

.....Little Rock BikeFit Methods and Philosophy.....

Do not confuse us with common bike shop Bike Set-up or Youtube fitting! Those are usually quick and approximate adjustments made to allow cyclists to start off cycling after they purchase a bicycle. Bike Set-up and Youtube fits are based on a set of simple guidelines and dimensions averaged from cyclist statistics, and usually not able to solve discomforts encountered by cyclists as the settings are not individualised.

Little Rock Bike Fitting is much more personalized and detailed, covering aspects like compensating anatomy irregularities, assess bio-mechanical movement capability and bad habit checks. Adjustments are made based on allowing muscle groups to function within their capability and maximum efficiency in upholding cycling loads, and allowing room for improvement to train harder and ride further after getting a bike fit.

I fit cyclists based on their current capability with a personalized setting. These personalized postures are commonly mistaken as too slow, too upright or too safe when compared to photos of pro-cyclists. Here's the catch, average power output of a pro-cyclist is 350-400W across 180-200km everyday for 22days in Tour de France. The majority of us actually pedals at 130W (beginner) to 250W (seasoned weekend riders).

Definitely the lower power output affects the upper body's lean-angle, resulting in different postures between the pro-cyclists and ourselves. If we are to force ourselves to cycle in a pro-cyclist's bike setting, we will ride in a lot of pain because our body unable to support that posture.

Importance of bike fitting is to ride pain-free in order to train harder and ride further. Trust what your body tells you when out cycling, and not letting myths, legends and uncle/auntie stories confuse you and meddle your confidence. Peace yo..!! Ride safe and have fun..!!

I am a bike fitting service provider and not an instructor. Those who claim to be my partner or learn BikeFit LLC (USA) system from me and charge a fee for fitting are NOT in any way certified or affiliated with me.

*Maklumat penting*
Setakat ini, saya tidak ada program partnership atau perantis di Malaysia. Jika ada bike fitter lain yang menuntut bahawa saya adalah partner atau sebagai pelatih BikeFit LLC (USA) System, sila faham tuntutan itu adalah tidak jujur.

Be careful of deals that look too good to be true

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