Wheelset Servicing (Front+rear bearings hubs and freehub body, LOUDER HUB=power transfer)

Price RM 120.00
Condition Brand new
Posted 9 Oct 2017
Category Wheelsets
Brand Others
Gear Range 10 speed, 11 speed, 9 speed
Material Carbon fibre
Wheel Size 29", 650c, 700c

>>> Wheelset Servicing 2nd edition, Aug 2017. New formula, old price. Thank you for your support.<<<

**Custom axle front/rear now available.**

**11speed conversion for Fulcrum and Reynolds available**

** DT Swiss Road bike hub/wheels now accepted.**

Edited version2. Please spare your time to read till the end. Did you know?

That some wheels manufacturer advised consumers to service their wheelset hubs after reaching certain mileage? Example, Fulcrum/Campagnolo stated in their service manual, it is advisable to service the wheelset hubs and bearings every 1500km of usage.

Or maybe, you just purchased a pair of used wheelset?

As a cyclist, im offering you WHEELSET SERVICING. For Road, Foldies and MTB.

I have expertise and experienced to dissemble/assemble:

Fulcrum (Racing 7, 5, 3, 1, Zero, XLR50), Campagnolo, Mavic, Powerway, Bitex, Novatec, DtSwiss, RHC, KINLIN, DATI, Hope, Stans, and many more.

The service package includes:
1. OVERHAULING the front and rear hubs.
2. PRESSING OUT EVERY BEARINGS from the front hub, rear hub and its free hub.
3. DEGREASING ALL the grits, grimes and gunk off from EACH BEARING FROM the hub, shaft axle and freehub body.
4. TO ENSURE FREE FROM ANY CONTAMINATION; not a single residue such as dirt, sand, dust and gunk from the old grease.
5. TO CHECK the smoothness, spinning rotation of every single bearing available from the wheelset
6. TO CONSULT my dearest cyclists before improving, or changing or upgrading any bearings or wear and tear parts such as axle, pawl, spring and the freehub body.
7. TO APPLY special low resistance hi rolling, water resistant bearing metal treatment lubrication and grease to the steel balls/Ceramic balls, crown ring and retainer of all bearings available so they will be smooth, well cushioned, protected and performed even better than what the manufacturer previously supplied. (steel bearing to have 70-80% performance character of a full ceramic bearing)
8. TO MEASURE and adjust the length, from one end to another of the axle so the load distribution between left and right are always balance and equal.
9. TO POLISH each axle and the hub so the rotation will be maximize and utilize its true potential.
10. TO PERFECTLY BUILD THE HUBS, by inserting back all bearings into the hubs and assemble all as per factory condition so there would be no freeplay, balance, smooth rolling and sturdy so it will perform BETTER THAN WHAT THE MANUFACTURER HAS SUPPLIED.
11. QUALITY CONTROL by testing the fully assemble wheelset to turn

- SEALED STEEL BEARING equipped wheelset to roll minimum 6-10minutes, (70-80% of full ceramic bearing character) by a single push

- CERAMIC HYBRID/FULL CERAMIC BEARING equipped wheelset to roll minimum 9-15minutes by a single push.

before handing back to the beloved owner.

12. To provide tips on how to take care the wheelset.

Cost for all the above workmanship

>Roadbike 700c/Foldies wheelset
From RM120 (front and rear)

From RM130 (front and rear)

> LOUDER HUB From RM80-100 (excluding servicing.) RM40-50 with servicing. For Fulcrum, China/Taiwan wheelset, Hope, Chosen, Fastace, Bitex, Dati, Zipp, and many more. Please mention your wheelset model, year and/or hub model.

Louder hub WONT make you a fast rider as the power of bicycle is YOU, the function is just like dry racing clutch of a track car, ducati.

= immediate power transfer from your feet to your wheel.
= faster acceleration when needed
= less lag
= improve climbing efficieny
= watt (energy saving)
= head turner :)

Ready in 24- 48hrs (provide there is no major damage to your wheelset)

1. all price EXCLUDING truing/balancing. Truing or balancing charge from rm15-30 depend on the condition of the wheelset.
2. For MTB wheels especially off roader please wash and brush away all dirt.,soil and mud off your wheelset before deliver.
3. For road bike and foldies, suggest to service again every 1000-1500km or every 6mths or which comes first. For MTB suggest to service every 800-1200km or 4mths or AFTER every extreme off road action.
4. I dont have a shop, but i have experience and technical skill which i would like to offer and share it with you. Im doing this for part time and passion for cycling. I have all the tools required to fix a wheelset.
5. NO I DO NOT SEND YOUR WHEELSET OR SUB THE JOB TO 3RD PARTY. I DID IT MYSELF PLEASE SEE PICTURE. If you assumed i am going to send your wheels to a 3rd party, i suggest it is better to re-evaluate before contacting me.
6. Stuff such as custom machining, rethreading damaged axle, custom axle, custom steel bushings= Yes. i sent to machinist as the lathe machine cost over 150k minimum and CNC machine cost million ringgit.

price EXCLUDING bearing replacement.

If there is any damage or bend axle, damage freehub body, cracked or broken nipple, spoke, jammed bolts due to over torque done by your previous technician, It is advisable to let me know the history of your wheelset so i will be able to provide free consultation before doing the work.

Location to Deliver/Collection USJ or Putra Height. Collection and delivery time between 8pm-11pm daily.

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**** Ceramic bearing package (Abec5/7 precision rating si3n4) for any wheelset, from rm399-

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