SIGMA ROX 6.0 CAD Bike Computer

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Posted 29 Aug 2018
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SIGMA ROX 6.0 CAD Bike Computer
ROX 6.0
Handlebar mount
Speed transmitter
Cadence transmitter
R1 STS COMFORTEX+ chest strap
Wrist band

Heart rate
Altitude (IAC)
PC compatibility
19-hour log capacity
Lap counter (99 laps)
10-second recording interval
Hiking mode
Ease of use
The ROX 6.0 is operated in a simple, logical way using five buttons. This makes changing the display effortless even while riding. Forward and backward navigation simplifies operation even further. The ergonomically shaped buttons are easy to press even when wearing gloves. Also, the on-demand backlight enables the computer to be used day or night.
Product design
The ROX 6.0's modern design with flowing lines and rounded edges will be at home on any handlebar (or stem).
The ROX 6.0 display is easy to read with a clean layout and intuitive icons. Supplemental full text displays and the large font enhance functionality. The backlight illuminates for 3 seconds with the simple press of a button.
Reading comfort
The ROX 6.0 has a large well structured display that can be read at a glance.
Elevation Profile displayed
The ROX 6.0 displays the elevation profile for the last three miles ridden.
Seven altitude measurement functions
In addition to the current altitude, the ROX 6.0 measures total feet ridden uphill or downhill, maximum elevation and the elevation profile of the last 3 miles ridden. Altitude data can be tracked separately for 2 different bicycles.
Altitude Calibration
Calibrate by a defined starting altitude, the current altitude, or the current pressure at sea level. IAC - Intelligent Altitude Calibration - stores the current altitude in sleep mode. If your bike ride starts where the last ride ended, there is no need to re-calibrate.
Hiking mode
Twist the ROX 6.0 into the wristband to hide the bike functions and begin hiking mode. In hiking mode, the key functions include heart rate, hiking time, altitude, general time functions and graphs of the target and intensity zones.
Lap Counter
Up to 99 laps can be recorded. Records heart rate, speed, distance, cumulative altitude, and cadence for each lap.
Logging (optional)
The trip data is automatically recorded in the log and can be optionally downloaded to the SIGMA DATA CENTER 3 evaluation software. Up to 19 hours can be recorded in the log.

Training analysis with DATA CENTER 3 (optional)
The DATA CENTER 3 software makes ride data simple to download, track and analyze. The start page features a concise summary for quick analysis.
ECG accurate
The technology used by SIGMA SPORT to measure heart rate is based on electrocardiographic measurements. The ECG accuracy is regularly validated during development and quality-control testing.
Intensity zones
The ROX 6.0 has four standardized or customizable intensity zones. The display shows the amount of time spent in each zone throughout the training session as well as the current intensity zone. The default intensity zone settings are BE1, BE1/2, BE2 and CE.
BE1: Basic endurance 1, 60-70% of the HR max
BE1/2: Basic endurance 1/2, 70-80% of the HR max
BE2: Basic endurance 2, 80-90% of the HR max
CE: Competition endurance, 90 – 100% of the HR max
Target zone
Define a heart rate and stay within it. Use the pre-programmed Fitness or Fat Burning Zone or easily create your own. An audible and visual zone alarm will help keep you in the desired target zone.
All SIGMA bike computers are watertight. They provide protection against water entry during temporary immersion (2 min.) in water at a pressure of 0.3 bar (equivalent to a depth of approx. 3 m). This is regularly confirmed in quality control testing and during test rides.

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