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💵Why buy from us? 💵 🔐💯% SAFE SHOPPING ( shopper detail are protected & confidential. ) 🚀💯% FAST DELIVERY (goods dispatch 24HR after payment) 📩💯% FAST RESPONSE on inquiry. 🏬💯% HAVE PHYSICAL BIKE SHOP - located at bandar saujana putra Selangor. ✅💯% POSITIVE FEEDBACK at BBS and FB. ✅🔝9 YEARS EXPERIENCE on business. WOLF TOOTH KARV 6.5mm 100% SILICONE GRIPS SUPER COMFORT MADE IN USA WET OR DRY, YOUR HANDS STAY PUT! SLIP-PROOF, YET NOT STICKY! ✅COMFORT ✅REDUCES HAND NUMBNESS - FATIGUE- ARM PUMP WEAR ✅ UV RESISTANT - NON-POROUS- WILL NOT HARDEN OR FADE ✅BAR ADHESION ✅NO GLUE, HAIRSPRAY OR LOCK-ONS REQUIRED! THESE GRIPS WILL NOT THROTTLE! ELEMENTS ✅WITHSTANDS SEVERE TEMPERATURES - CLIMATES - ANY CONDITION YOU CAN THROW AT IT! MAINTENANCE ✅WASHABLE. INSTALL/REMOVE WITH RUBBING ALCOHOL- WINDOW CLEANER- COMPRESSED AIR LATEX FREE ✅KARV XT SILICONE PRODUCTS AND END CAPS DO NOT CONTAIN ANY NATURAL RUBBER OR NATURAL LATEX IN IT'S COMPONENTS OR INGREDIENTS PROVEN ✅THESE RACE PROVEN LIGHTWEIGHT GRIPS ARE USED BY CYCLIST AROUND THE WORLD. FROM EVERY DAY RIDERS TO COMPETETIVE RIDERS , KARV XT GRIPS CAN BRING YOU COMFORT. ENGINEERED ✅THE BEST MATERIALS AND THE BEST PRODUCTION PROCESS CREATES MAX SHOCK ABSORPTION AND GRIP, WHILE MAINTAINING THE LOWEST POSSIBLE WEIGHT AND THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF DURABILITY. MEMORY ✅NO TREAD PATTERNS OR LOGOS NEEDED! SILICONE HAS A MEMORY; WITH WOLF TOOTH KARV GRIPS YOU WILL CREATE A CUSTOM MOLD OF YOUR HAND FOR A NO SLIP RIDE EVERY TIME. ✅Grip Padding: 6.5mm 💯Made in the USA 32mm installed diameter is perfect for most riders 100% proprietary dual-density silicone compound provides excellent vibration damping and conforms to your hand for improved comfort while maintaining durability Tacky texture provides excellent grip with or without gloves in all weather conditions Includes bar end plugs Tech Specs Weight: 75g Material: 100% silicone Dual Layer Dimensions: 32mm installed diameter | 6.5mm uninstalled wall thickness | 135mm long Made in the USA HARGA : RM89.90/pair CALL : 03 3850 2006 Direct buy here to get special promo : http://bit.ly/bbmcycles I've sent you a location: BBMCYCLES Drive there using Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw280z8r79

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