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POCKETSTANd Bike photography stand


Bicycle transparent temporary stand for photography. Feature : Detachable to shorter storage mode. Easy storage in your cycling jersey & cycling pouch with only 16cm length. Inner tube valve remover included in design. Use bottom bracket part as a support point for more sucure. Size in storage mode : 8cm x 16cm Size in stand mode : 8cm x 26cm Weight : 72g ATTENTION 1. DO NOT use in windy/slope/slippy condition. 2. Use only on rough surface to maximize the grip with the ground. 3. Fit the curved on top of the stand below the axle between left crankarm & bottom bracket. 4. Keep the stand at a certain tilt angle to increase stabilizing. 5. Use a stone under front tyre as a stopper to avoid movement if your front wheel keep moving. 6. This is NOT a permanent bicycle stand. 7. Park at your own risk. How to buy ? WhatsApp 016 533 9387 Message me via Instagram @pocketstand Shopee link https://shopee.com.my/Road-Bike-Photography-stand-i.88225891.10820246092?sp_atk=f597ca1e-ab7e-4917-bfb0-78faad87ebb2

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