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Bikersmaniac Road Bike Cleats Position Adjuster Tool for Look KEO Shimano Fit Auxiliary Plate Cleats Adjustment Tool


Ergonomic Alignment: This cleats tool enables you to fine-tune the position of your cleats for ergonomic alignment and optimal power transmission. It has an ergonomic design that your natural foot position and prevents injury.

Easy Cleat Installation: With this tool, you can mark the correct cleats location on your shoes and place the new cleats exactly in place of the old ones. It makes installing new cleats easy and hassle.

Improved pedal performance: With this tool, you can fine-tune the position of both shoes for optimal front and rear alignment, making sure that your force center the pedal's center line. You can also customize the cleats placement on the forefoot's power center and adjust the angle based on your foot shape and grid points between the first and fifth phalanges.

Easy to Adjust Left and Right: This cleat tool assists you to install the cleats inside the original crank, following your standing width. This enables you to keep the cleat close to the crank and accommodate your standing habits. You can also pick the type with two feet separated, and use this tool to install the cleat externally and adjust it left and right.

Angle Adjusting: With the cleats tool, you can easily change the rotation angle of your cleats by aligning them with grid points on the tool. This ensures that both feet have the same rotation angle and reduces bias. No matter if you like inner eight or outside eight, you can enjoy a natural walk with this tool.

Cleat Tool: Align Your Cleats with Ease

This tool helps you adjust the angle of your cleats according to your foot shape and riding style. It has an ergonomic design that fits on the tool and shows you the optimal alignment. The type with two feet separated allows you to fine-tune each cleat independently. Get the best performance and comfort with this cleat tool.


Name: cleats adjustment tool

Weight: about 138g

Dimensions: 110mmx290mm

Material: Polypropylene

Applicable: mountain model, ko road model

Features: Accurately adjust the lock piece position

Package List:

Bike Cleats Adjustment Tool * 1

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