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MAGENE L308 Intelligent Expression Tail Light


Highly Customizable Intelligent Expression Tail Light
The first intelligent tail light on the market that supports such highly customization. L308 has 96 COB LED lights that you can freely customize, connect to OnelapFit App and draw on your screen freely to easily create your own light style.

3 customized emoji: Patterns
You can create different styles of patterns to freely express yourself in various cycling scenarios such as climbing, peloton, sprinting, leisure cycling.
In addition, you can also customize three light modes: solid, flash and pulse. The brightness, light interval can be adjusted to meet your needs in different scenarios. When riding with your buddies, you can lower the light brightness to take care of their eyes who are behind you. When you riding alone at night, the light brightness can be adjusted brighter for better warning performance.

3 customized emoji: Scrolling Messages
You can freely enter the team name, rear car reminder, cycling quote and other text to show your attitude and personality.

3 customized emoji: GIFs
There are multiple dynamic effects of GIF such as slide show, animation and scrolling. You can create a GIF by adding up to 10 frames and adjusting the speed of it. Let the pinwheel be alive on your tail light!

Support Up to 15 Emojis Storage
L308 intelligent expression tail light comes with 6 preset emojis. It supports up to 15 emojis storage, and its storage, it has more than 2 times the storage capacity of other tail lights. L308 intelligent expression tail light adopts single button design for easy emoji switching with just one press.

Smart Braking Sensor, Safety, Fun, Both Combined
L308 intelligent expression tail light is equipped with a high-precision acceleration sensor that can quickly detect even slight braking and enter a 3-second high-intensity flashing mode. It efficiently alerts vehicles and pedestrians behind you, safeguarding your cycling safety. When you are riding in peloton, this function can quickly prompt the rear riders to slow down in case of an emergency braking.

Auto-Sleep|Auto-wake, No Battery Anxiety
L308 intelligent expression tail light supports vibration sensing, and it can automatically enter sleep mode if it’s stationary for over 1 to 10 minutes(can be set freely) and automatically wake up when start moving.
*This function can be turned off in OnelapFit App.

Ultra-long Duration, Real-time Battery Display
battery life of 50 hours. If you ride 1.5 hours per day, it will last for 33 days. When using the intelligent tail light, you can double-click the button to view the battery life for 3 seconds. The intelligent tail light will display the real-time battery life while charging.

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