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Cycling Steel Bike Storage Hanger Hook Screw Inbolt Garage Wall Mount Rack Hook Rack Basikal Gantung


Walk In : 7, jln Kenari, Sg Ara, Bayan Lepas, Penang WS: 0129966229 https://shopee.com.my/product/34586943/2072201744/ Lain Lain Barang check sini:- https://shp.ee/w5tqnbj Features: * 100% brand new and high quality. * Bicycle wall mount hanger for hanging the bike vertically to save space * Made of strong solid steel, load capacity up to 66lbs. * Rubber coated hook protects the wheel rim from scuffing or scratching. * Predrilled holes make installation easy. * Four mounting points and side special design make fastening sturdy. * Fixed tire hook distributes weight to the mounting plate. * Fit all kinds of bikes * Fits on any solid wall. * Material: Steel + Rubber coated * Size: 260mm*80mm * Product Weight:562g Package includes: 1 * Bicycle hook 4 * metal screws 4 * expansion tube

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