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Lucky Prospect 2021 Pro Scooter


http://www.bestscooterstore,Com/products/Lucky-Prospect-2021-Pro-Scooter.html Product Description Description The Lucky Prospect is a stunt scooter suitable for hitting the skatepark and for riding vert. Having a lightweight aluminum 6061 bar is advantageous for reaching new heights with your scooter. Additionally, for really smooth spin tricks, it comes equipped with IHC, an easy to maintain compression system. Wheels with a light hollow core made out of aluminium, which are very durable and super stylish Park-orientated Lucky pro scooter with a narrow and light deck which is easy to get airborne and very responsive in mid-air Peg-cut dropout, saves weight and gives you the option to mount a variety of pegs for an extended grinding surface With only 3200g you can immediately feel while driving that this scooter is a true lightweight Specifications Total height: 88cm Compression type: IHC Wheel diameter: 120mm Weight: 112.88oz Bar width: 597mm Headset type: Integrated 1 1/8" Fork type: Threadless Material: Aluminum 6061 Deck design: One-piece Deck length: 19.5" (49.5cm) Deck width: 4.8" (12.2cm) Dropout Shape: Peg-cut Headtube angle: 82.5° Concave: Yes Fork design: One-piece Bar material: Aluminum 6061 Bar height: 622mm Bar outer diameter: 35mm (Oversized) Bar inner diameter: 28mm Backsweep: 2° Clamp size: Double Wheel profile: Round Wheel hardness: 86A Wheel hub width: 24mm Core material: Aluminum Core design: Hollow Axle diameter: 8mm Bearing precision: Not specified Brake type: Flex Fender Assembly: Partly assembled Find Similar Products by Tag Pro Scooter

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