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www.bestscooterstore,com/ Product Description Handlebars Tall, wide, and sporting handgrips of ergonomically shaped rubber, the Wolf Warrior X’s handlebars are that rare breed of comfort and functionality. Unlike many scooters out there, the height of handlebars makes the scooter ideal for riders over 6 ft tall. They even sport a stock bar, which can be used to attach accessories – such as a GoPro or smartphone holder – to for convenience. Located on the handlebars is everything that makes up its cockpit – that is, everything you’ll need to activate and control the scooter. This includes tactile buttons for the lights, horn, turn signals – that emit light on the console so you know if they are on or not – and riding modes, as well as a pair of hand-operated Zoom brake levers, and a QS-S4 display. This latter device serves a dual purpose: it’s both a screen for your riding stats and insights about your battery life, as well as the finger throttle you’ll use to control your scooter’s speed and acceleration. After my test rides, I can confirm that the robust handlebars lend themselves to surgical control of the scooter’s handling. There’s just something about the sweeping handlebars being pinned together by the stock bar that gives you an extra sense of stability while riding. Combined with the dual tubular stems, the X has one of the most satisfying handling experiences of any scooter I’ve tested. Frame In making the Wolf Warrior X and X Pro, Kaabo’s goal was to produce smaller, more affordable variants of its classic 11+ model. And, while that meant cutting back on some specs, it thankfully hasn’t resulted in the X and X Pro losing their older bro’s aggressive, awe-inspiring aesthetic.

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