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ZTR Crest MK4 32Hole Tubeless Rim | 27.5 | 1Pair @ free pos


Crest MK4 Rim | NEW FEATURES: 25mm rim width optimized for Gravel and XC tires up to 2.3” Light and durable 6069 aluminum with welded joint and reinforced spoke bed BST-Asymmetric design combines Stan’s legendary easy tubeless inflation with a stronger, more balanced wheel build DESCRIPTION: Crest rims are part of the history of mountain biking. Introduced in 2005, the Crest's design evolved directly from Stan's earliest ideas, including the legendary 355 rims. Stan wanted a simple and durable rim that would work well without a tube and weighed less than everybody else's rims. The Crest achieved those goals. With a more durable and lighter 6069 alloy and an asymmetric rim shape that balances spoke tension, today's Crest MK4 has technology that's lightyears ahead of the early design, but the spirit of the original Crest lives on: make it light, make it serviceable, make it resist flats, and make it go as fast as possible. The BST-Asymmetric rim design of the Crest MK4 allows for a stronger wheel while offering the easy inflation and Stan’s trademark unmatched airtight seal. The Crest MK4 rim is optimized for 40mm Gravel tires and up to 2.3” mountain tires, making it a great, versatile choice for a wide range of bikes and riding styles. The durable but forgiving ride of the Crest MK4’s 6069 alloy construction and lightweight, low-profile rim shape offer an unbeatable ride quality uniquely suited to Gravel and short-travel XC riding, and like all rims that bear the Crest name, it’s built for speed. The Crest MK4 combines the heritage of Stan’s legendary tubeless design with today’s best materials and a stronger asymmetric design. Roll faster with more comfort and more security on your next Gravel or XC ride with the Crest MK4 rim. https://www.notubes.com/crest-mk4-rim Free pos west.m. Sabah sarawak add Rm30. Tel:012-419 8933

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