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SIS Science In Sport Isotonic Energy Gel Halal 60ml Blackcurrant Apple Orange Lemon Lime


SIS GO Isotonic Energy Gel - Energy Gel
This is your top choice for any endurance-based exercise or high-intensity workout, and it's also HALAL certified


Why choose SIS GO Isotonic Energy Gel?

✔️Rapid Energy Boost: Each pack contains 22g of rapidly digestible carbohydrates,instantly fueling your body

✔️No Need For Water : With its isotonic formulation ,the gel doesn't require extra water for digestion.Say goodbye to bloating and focus on achieving excellence.

✔️No More Crash Worries : Each pack has only 1g of sugar or less,ensuring stable energy levels and keeping crashes at bay

✔️Light and Refreshing :Unlike competitors,SIS Energy Gel is light and easy to consume,avoiding the heavy,sticky texture that interrupts your training 

✔️Informed Sport Certified : Rigorous banned substance testing makes it the top choice for numerous world champions and Olympic athletes-a trust well-earned


Flavour Selection:

✔️Apple ✔️Blackcurrant ✔️LemonLime ✔️Orange ✔️Tropical ✔️Fruit Salad ✔️Pineapple


Top Features: 

•HALAL(can check ingredients)

•22g of rapidly absorbed carbohydrate per gel 

•Convenient easy to take format 

•Truly isotonic formulation- no need for water

•Suitable for vegan

•Available flavor


SIS GO Electrolyte Energy Gel ( Flavour : Raspberry )
- Enhances hydration & maintains performance
- Ideal for all sports to replace lost electrolytes through sweating
- 22g of Carbohydrates per gel
-Formulation delivering energy fast and effectively
-0.3g salt per gel to provide key electrolytes lost through sweat
-Made using natural flavours and easy to digest.


How to use?

-Use this gel in combination with other SIS GO products to take in 60g of carbohydrate per hour for exercise lasting over 90 minutes.Fuelling every 20minutes with a gel is a simple way to hit this carbohydrate target and keep performance at its peak with enough readily available energy for the body to perform

-If you 're exercising for under 90 minutes or taking part in high intensity,interval based exersice,consume this gel 15minutes before maximum effect


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