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Road Bike Cleat Look Keo Cleat Pedal RB 4.5 degree Kasut Basikal RB Cycling RB


Walk In : 7, jln Kenari, Sg Ara, Bayan Lepas, Penang WS: 0129966229 Beli di Shopee Kami :- https://shopee.com.my/product/34586943/2662732642/ Lain Lain Barang check sini:- https://shp.ee/w5tqnbj Features: Look Keo Degree: 4.5 Look Keo Weight: 86g Meterial: nylon and silica gel [Look Keo] 4.5 degree floating pedal cleat help your feet/ankle/legs assume a more comfortable during riding. 100 % LOOK KEO durable, compatible and high fraction walking surface suitable for long distance riding self aligning mood, easy to install easy in and out, fully leveraging for athletic competition design feature to allows your feet to rotate a little bit laterally front and rear can be quick self locking and replacement. Large surface area which make you can put more power so you can go more faster. Made of high quality hard plastic and rubber type on the bottom to increase friction, effective anti slip and comfortable. Tips: The cleats with all the necessary washers and bolts to go right into your LOOK DELTA / LOOK KEO compatible shoe. Please make sure to do your research and align them properly, or you'll have foot problems. Please re-check bolt tightness before going out on a long ride, or you might lose some of them while cycling. When you started using them at the first time, these Self-locking Cycling Pedal Cleats may not be so smooth, please adjust a few times to find their best points. #cleat #cleatlook #cleatlookkeo #lookkeo #basikal #bicycle #bike #cycling #mouintainbike #roadbike #mtb #rb #bicyclecleat #cleatlookdelta #lookdelta #delta #look #rbcleat

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