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www.bestscooterstore,com/ Product Description Top Speed The UM-2’s ESG certified top speed is 17.9 miles per hour :about the same as the Ninebot Max. Range On our range test, the UM-2 covered exactly 17 miles in Sport mode, which is also typical. However, when the scooter finally shut down, I didn’t do the typical long push back to the office because I brought a spare battery. At only 5 pounds, it was barely noticeable in my backpack. So it wouldn’t be hard at all to carry two, which would stretch the actual, rideable range in Sport Mode to over 50 miles. Braking The unique braking system of the UM-2 lets anyone stop like an expert and beats absolutely every scooter in its class, including the former champion Ninebot Max. It even tied the Dualtron Storm, a scooter that costs four times more. Best of all, the UM-2 delivers maximum braking power without worrying about going over the handlebars. Ride Quality Part of what makes the UM-2 so fun to ride is that it’s a very confidence-inspiring scooter. This comes from little things like the grippy rubber deck and soft, spiral-patterned grips. And bigger things, like 10-inch tubeless air-filled tires to soak up the bumps. But the biggest factor is the overall stability. Riding the UM-2, you can feel free to take a long look over your shoulder or take a hand off the bars to scratch your nose without worrying about going into a wobble. If you’re a new rider, stability makes it easy to learn. If you’re an experienced rider, stability gives you the freedom to do dumb stuff like this, or pull a U-Turn while holding the scooter at full throttle. Removable Battery It weighs just 5 pounds, thanks to high-performance LG 21700 battery cells, a first for a sub $1,000 scooter. It swaps out super fast and comes with an ultra-high IPX6 water resistance rating. Dual Brakes The left handlebar has a regen brake lever that gives you strong, skid-proof braking at the rear wheel, and the right-side lever controls the front drum brake. They’re completely independent, so I used 100% regen for normal riding and both brakes when I needed to make a hard stop.

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