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Share: MAX Anti Corrosion / Sweat Protector for bike


MAX Anti Corrosion / Sweat Protector MAX lastest product helps to protect your expensive investment from rust and corrosion. Contain rust inhibitor / anti corrosion agent, gives rider a peace of mind when rider in bad conditions. Works on all surfaces from metal to rubber to give you the maximum protection Description: - Prevents and stops corrosion on Aluminium / Carbon / Rubber surfaces - Rust protection - Protect your bike from harmful sweat, UV, water, dirt & salt from riding - Easy to apply & wipe excess off with a rag/cloth - Maximum Protection - For frame, component, tyres, wheelset Application: - Wash bike with degreaser / soap - Allow dry - Spray direct to bike or rag/cloth and wipe against the surface rubber / aluminium / carbon - For hard to reach area, use a brush - Do not over apply, a thin layer will keep your bike protected for 3 months - Necessary to reapply after each bike wash Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/MAX-Anti-Corrosion-Sweat-Protector-for-bike-i.93180824.12375932567?sp_atk=5ad707bb-5465-4d79-9bca-82fe8cb478b2&xptdk=5ad707bb-5465-4d79-9bca-82fe8cb478b2

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