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Sport Expandable Twin Pocket Waist Bag


Sport Expandable Double Pocket Waist Bag Colour:Black,Blue,Green Neon Whether you're hiking in the woods or strolling about town, a good waist pack is invaluable. * The belt can be adjustable.For marathons, running, cycling, strolling, traveling, shopping, and more sport events. Zippered Pouch Protects Contents from Sweat, Water, and Moisture Reflective Stripe Improves The Wearer’s Visibility Price shown above not include postage Harga diatas tidak termasuk kos penghantaran Here is My Item List: http://www.bicyclebuysell.com/?user=NICHAN#!username=NICHAN You're welcome to visit my page https://www.facebook.com/ETC365 Anyone Interested Can Message Me/Sila Hubungi: http://m.me/ETC365. Or Wechat/Whatapps/SMS : 012 4682411 Mr.Chan Please provide me your: 1.Product Name 2.Quantity 3.Name 4.Address 5.Contact No

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