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7 in 1 SIS Science in Sport GO Isotonic Gel Variety Pack(7x60ml) HALAL 7 Flavours


7 different flavoured isotonic gels in one pack - perfect for trying the different flavour Why Choose SIS GO Isotonic Energy Gel? ✔️Rapid Energy Boost: Each pack contains 22g of rapidly digestible carbohydrates,instantly fueling your body ✔️No Need For Water : With its isotonic formulation ,the gel doesn't require extra water for digestion.Say goodbye to bloating and focus on achieving excellence. ✔️No More Crash Worries : Each pack has only 1g of sugar or less,ensuring stable energy levels and keeping crashes at bay ✔️Light and Refreshing :Unlike competitors,SIS Energy Gel is light and easy to consume,avoiding the heavy,sticky texture that interrupts your training  ✔️Informed Sport Certified : Rigorous banned substance testing makes it the top choice for numerous world champions and Olympic athletes-a trust well-earned Features: •Pack of 7 energy gels(Variety Packs) •87 kcal calories per serving •22g carbohydrates per serving •easy to digest&consume •The first isotonic Energy Gel of the world •Volume:60ml •HALAL(can check ingredients) •Suitable for vegan •Truly isotonic formulation- no need for water Flavour : Mixed(Apple,Blackcurrant,Lemon/Lime,Orange, Pineapple,Pink Grapefruit,Tropical) How to use? -Use this gel in combination with other SIS GO products to take in 60g of carbohydrate per hour for exercise lasting over 90 minutes.Fuelling every 20minutes with a gel is a simple way to hit this carbohydrate target and keep performance at its peak with enough readily available energy for the body to perform -If you 're exercising for under 90 minutes or taking part in high intensity,interval based exersice,consume this gel 15 minutes before maximum effect Order here>https://www.icebikeheaven.com/7-in-1-sis-science-in-sport-go-isotonic-gel-variety-pack-7x60ml-halal-7-flavours Deliver to Malaysia, SG, Brunei, Worldwide Accept Ewallet TouchnGo, installment & Credit card How to Order 1.Product Option: 2.Quantity: 3.Color: 4.Name: 5.Address: 6.Contact number: Send to ☎FB http://m.me/icebikeheaven ☎ http://www.wasap.my/60174204398 Sales, Order, Customer service ☎ http://www.wasap.my/60195272398 After sales/ Warranty FOLLOW US ✔ https://www.ebay.com/str/icebikeheaven37 ✔ https://shopee.com.my/icebikeheaven?tab=shop ✔ http://www.lazada.com.my/ice-bike-heaven/ ✔ https://fb.me/icebikeheaven ✔ https://www.instagram.com/icebikeheaven37/ Buy from Us! 🚴🏻💯% POSITIVE FEEDBACK 🚴🏻💯% Warranty & After Sale Service 🚴🏻💯% PARCEL ARRIVAL GUARANTEED 🚴🏻💯% ❌hidden charges 🚴🏻 7️⃣ days size exchange 🆗 🚴🏻 7️⃣ days 100% 💲💲 Guarantee back ☄ Prompt response 🥇♞ SSM Registered company- Icebikeheaven 🥇 8 Years of experience Bicycle shop or want to dropship? pm us now!

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