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Liteskin Airing 60/80mm TPU Inner Tube 36G 700C Ultralight Road Bike 23 25C 28C Presta


Liteskin Airing TPU Inner Tube 36G 700C Ultralight for Road Bike Bicycle Tyre 700 23 25C 28C Presta Valve FV

Installation Guide

Do not use tyre lever to install the tyre to avoid piecing. Recommend to install it manually.

Installed the inner tube with tyre and confirm the tube is not twisted.

Pump 1 psi. Push the valve downward and then drag it upward, preventing the tube to be squeezed by tyre bead and rim hook. This is very likely to happen for TPU tube because of its thickness.


Push and drag the tube again to prevent squeeze.

Tighten the valve nut.


36 Grams Ultralight. Save nearly 180 grams per bike comparing with normal inner tube.

Superb air tightness as a ultralight inner tube, can use like a normal tube. No need to pump every time before riding.

Comes with aluminum valve cap.

TPU material with brass valve.

Better rolling resistance comparing with normal inner tube.

100% recycleable.

Easy to carry due to smaller dimension.

Recommend for 23-30C.

For rim brake users, brake carefully in steep mountain to avoid high temperature which might lead to deform of the tube.

Theoretically thermo stability and anti puncture performance is between normal tube and latex tube.

Pump to 0.5 PSI before installation. (Do not pump above 6 PSI before installation which will cause irreparable deform.)

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