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Canyon H17 aluminium handle bar - new


Canyon H17 AL Aero Handlebar The design of the curved H17 Aero AL handlebar increases the contact patch between hand and bar, so the pressure isn’t concentrated at just two points. The result is even more control when descending on the drops and during sprints, as well as improved access to shift and brake levers. Each handlebar is also optimized for attaching clip-on aero extensions. This provides an extremely secure base and wide-ranging adjustment for clip-on bars. The stem is not included! Features:- -Category 2 aluminium bar -High-quality aluminium material -Aerodynamic design -Curved feature -Pressure is distributed -Improved control Size : Width: 38mm Reach : 70mm Drop : 128 mm Category 2 Clamp Diameter : 31.8MM Contact :-0126092500 Item is taken out from a new bike

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