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Atlas Coldblack LIGHTWEIGHT Cycling Jersey


➡Fast and Free delivery Nationwide - Ships out within 24hours🕒 ➡International Warranty ✈ ➡100% Authentic 👌 ➡Atlas Satisfaction Guarantee 🤝 Features ➡Cold Black Technology / Coldblack by Schoeller® ➡ Antibacterial and deodorant / Actifresh (Hygiene function) by Sanitized® ➡ Multi-cycle knitting method / Multi-cycle ➡Cool Sense / Cool feeling fibre ➡Quick dry ➡Fabric upgrade innovation standard Adopting the "multi-stage loop" fabric and introducing "Cold Black Technology", the launch of "Cold Black 3.0" will make the cycling activity sublimate into the bicycle art. ➡Multi-cycle It is a fabric process that uses needles and yarns that are thinner than ever to create a more elastic and skin-friendly fabric. The silky and supple touch can reduce the discomfort of the body and the car after sweating. Like your second skin. ➡Cold black technology In general, black clothing will be hotter than light-coloured clothing. The main reason is that dark clothes are more endothermic than white clothes. Therefore, we will wear darker clothes in autumn and winter. In addition to beauty, there is also a role of warmth. On the contrary, most of the clothes worn in the summer will be light-coloured. The main purpose of these two large blocks is to make the user feel comfortable. The appearance of cold black is to solve the dyeing and finishing agent developed by the dark clothes that absorb heat and cause the human skin to feel too hot. Simply put, he is reflecting the radiant heat of the sun. Therefore, the treated fabric will feel cooler when worn on the body. ➡Material: Cold black multi-cycle (Polyester 100%) ➡Underarm: Breathable mesh (Cooltouch 74%, Polyester 18%, elastic OP 8%) Precautions ‧ Neutral detergent washed by hand ‧Do not bleach ‧Can't dry ‧Do not put under direct sunlight ‧The maximum water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees Celsius ‧Do not use soft and cold washing detergent ‧Do not soak ‧Do not overexpose IF INTEREST PLEASE WHATSAPP OR CALL LIANG 0137773842

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