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www.bestscooterstore,com/ Product Description Description E-TWOW GT 48V - 10.5Ah 2022 SE Smart Edition From etwow.net we want to present the new E-TWOW GT 2022 SE Smart Edition together with the SECURITY PACK where you will get as a gift, the exclusive E-TWOW handle transport. E-TWOW GT 2022 SE has BLUETOOTH technology that will allow you to control all the functionalities of the scooter through the E-TWOW CONNECT application. Thanks to our passion for electric mobility, combined with the latest developments in this sector, we have perfected the Booster GT 2022 SMART EDITION. This latest E-TWOW model has BLUETOOTH technology that will allow you to control all the scooter's functionalities through the E-TWOW CONNECT application available for Android and IOS. Likewise, the E-TWOW GT 2022 SE, has the best specifications making it one of the best high-end scooters and greater lightness. Its large capacity battery of 48V and 10.5Ah in addition to other new features will make this model the scooter everyone wants. With it, all your transportation needs will be covered and you will enter the new generation of E-TWOW scooters with more safety and reliability. There are many aspects renewed in this new Booster GT that will make it even more interesting: Rear drum brake: For added safety, this new version incorporates the drum brake on the rear wheel. BLUETOOTH: the new BOOSTER GT 2022 (SE) incorporates BLUETOOTH technology that will allow you to control the functionalities of the scooter with the E-TWOW CONNECT application. This application will give you the option to configure the lights, the speed limits, lock the scooter, etc.Orange reflectors on the sides of the rear wheel: for greater visibility during night driving, it incorporates side reflectors. Additional Details

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