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www.bestscooterstore,com/ Product Description A cheap scooter with all the right features? The Hiboy S2 promises a lot, especially in its quest to compete with an already impressive list of budget scooters. With a top speed of 18.6 mph, range of 17 miles, weight of 31.9 lbs, and an IP54 water-resistance rating, the S2 makes a good go of it. Features such as cruise control, an integrated mobile app, and digital lock push the S2 into the “premium” bracket when it comes to the feature-set of budget scooters. But, despite its attempt to differentiate itself from its competitors with dual rear shock absorbers, the solid tires prevent smooth ride quality. The biggest asset of the S2, though, is the ability to add a seat whilst maintaining a budget price – the next best seated scooter is $894. Warranty Information 5 years

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