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I-280R now comes in a new, versatile form factor. A one-piece case design results in fewer parts, a much leaner process and reduces risks of defect goods. 360° transparency casing allows for all-round lighting, providing yet more visibility. Introducing the I-280R TRON boasts a 42-chip and 10 SMD LED, 40 lumen output illumination in a compact, versatile configuration. The TRON is user-friendly and offers low battery reminders, power level monitoring and smart charging that shuts off when the power is topped off. DESIGN: The I-280R TRON’s all-new 42-chip and 10 SMD LED, 50 lumen output illumination in daytime flashing mode, is bright and conspicuous. 360° all-round rear lighting and contoured shape belongs on any bike or bag while the mounting options make it versatile enough to fit anywhere. Innovative 42-chip and 10 SMD LED maximizes visible surface area Daytime flashing and night time illumination modes 360° transparent case allows for all-round lighting Integrated plastic clip can be installed on a belt, bag clip, or anywhere Auto full-charge cut off system can prevents battery damage by overcharging IPX4 waterproof standard SIZE 55.5 x 26 x 24 mm WEIGHT 23 grams LED 42 chips COB and 10 SMD LED BRIGHTNESS 50 Lumens (Daytime Flashing) BATTERY Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery RUN TIME 6 hrs (Low) 1 hr (High) 9 hrs (Flashing 1) 13.5 hrs (Flashing 2) 20 hrs (Flashing 3) 3.5 hrs (Flashing 4) 8 hrs (Daytime Flashing) CHARGE 2.5 hrs BRACKET RB05′, fit Ø19-Ø48 mm; RB08, fit 69-150mm https://shopee.com.my/product/19753870/6134697954/ whatapps 0162188790

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