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Bottle cage ni antara penyumbang utama berat pada basikal. Kalau tak percaya cuba tanya kawan korang yang pakai road bike tu 😬 . SKWIKI COMPOSITE NYLON PA6 WITH REINFORCEMENT CARBON FIBER BOTTLE CAGES - WHITE COMPOSITE MATERIAL, NYLON PA6 WITH REINFORCEMENT FIBER BLEND-IN. Special formula for building stronger, lighter and more durable bottle cages. DUAL SCULPTURE TECHNOLOGY, CREATE DELICATED FEATURES. Advanced forming process to create stunning features and details. Unlike conventional technique, our bottle cage gives more vivid, and out-standing details that would match your bikes. SECURE RETENTION DESIGN. Ensure that water bottle stay in place steady. Carry bottle no matter where you are riding, either at the surfaced road, or in a tough trail. Flexible fitting size that allow bottle whose diameter 74 +/-1mm, suitable for slightly smaller or bigger bottles. SUPREME QUALITY. Made with composite material that fulfills high performance of durability and function. Fully-developed engineering ensures the bottle cage handles the requirements from different cycling demands. GREAT ACCESSIBILITY OF BIKE WATER BOTTLE. Cyclists are able to fetch bottles from our cages at pedaling easily. Fit bottle size 20 , 21 , 24 , 25 & 30oz / ounces (500 , 550 , 650 , 750 & 950ml) ​Size 8mm x 8.5mm x 15.5mm Weight : 59gram PRICE RM 58.00 ONLY WhatsApp www.wasap.my/60189074346 SHOP HERE 👇🏻 https://shopee.com.my/product/29349033/16472068499?smtt=0.29350417-1654104761.9

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