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Freedom Cycle System Aero Bottle - MOST UNIQUE Bottle system


The FREEDOM Cycle System is revolutionary in how it looks, perform & function. Benefits - Unique TWO STAGE CAPTURE system. Totally unique as it fastens the bottle internally rather externally. It allow the rider easy to locate, remove and access the drinking bottle during riding. Also it's frustoconical design ensure ease of access to your drinking bottle on tight triangle design frame of modern cycling design such as Mountain bike, Road bike and TT bike Safer – It’s easier therefore it’s safer. The receiving hole on our bottle is 10 times larger than the pin it is mounting on. Keep your eyes on the road, not on the bottle. Secured the bottle internally – No cage, means no damaged bottles and a clean uncluttered look. Hygienic – All our bottles have a removable top and bottom cap. Easy to clean. Aerodynamic Efficiency – Our Freedom System has been Wind Tunnel tested. These tests demonstrated an almost 17 second advantage over leading caged bottle designs . Light weight - The pin & the bottle together weigh 158 gms Bottle Capacity - 550 ml Award Winning – Cycle System earn the highest honor in 4 categories at the prestigious Bendigo Inventor Awards. In the same year it was a finalist at the Sydney Design Awards. The Design Our patented 2 stage capture design allows the rider to lock in easy or lock in hard depending on the terrain or ride. It can be seen in our cross-sections the 2 steps of our pin. These form our 2 stage capture system. The step near the tip is our O-ring and is recommended for all smooth road riding. The 2nd step is a precision built in clip. This, in combination with our O-ring provides us with a much more solid hold. Recommended for Off road use. Freedom Cycle is solely distributed in Malaysia by CK Marketing / MAX Products Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/Freedom-Cycle-System-Aero-Bottle-MOST-UNIQUE-Bottle-system-i.93180824.7979819668

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