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SHIMANO B01S DISC BRAKE PADS M485 T675 M575 M525 M495 M475 M465 M445 M395


It's your worst nightmare. You're hauling down the trail, coming in hot to an unfamiliar corner. Round the apex and in your way is a jumbled mess of pine cones, rocks, and what may very likely be fresh horse droppings. There is no way you want to run into that stuff. You grab a handful of brake lever but nothing happens. Soft, squishy, and low powered, there's no missing it now. Plowing into the mess of trail debris and down you go. Replace those worn out pads with genuine Shimano pads and next time, have the control you need to steer clear of what may lie around the bend. Replacement brake pad for Shimano BR-M575, BR-M495, BR-M486, BR-M485, BR-M446, BR-M445, BR-M395 & BR-T675 calipers. SHIMANO B01S DISC BRAKE PADS FEATURES: Resin pad with low noise and excellent power modulation Steel backing plates Low noise and excellent modulation Top-loading CALIFORNIA PROP

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