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www.bestscooterstore,com/ Product Description Our Take: Unbeatable Stability + Sporty Good Looks With the Air and Air Pro, Apollo has proven that practical scooters don’t have to look or feel boring. With its all-black angular design, the Apollo Air screams sporty, fast, and fun. It delivers a superbly stable ride that has the presence of a high-performance scooter at an entry-level price. These are both comfort-inducing features that the Apollo Air has, with a mixed tire configuration (larger front than rear tire) and front spring suspension. The kickstand works well but isn’t the easiest to find with your toe when you stop to park your scooter. And the Air’s low 3.3 in means the bottom edge of the rear fender can get caught when coming down curbs. However, with 15.6 mph top speed and 13.9 mi range, you have enough performance for everyday commuting, making the Apollo Air an exceptional beginner scooter because it looks good and handles even better.

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