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www.bestscooterstore,com/ Product Description At a Glance: What is the Kaabo Mantis V2? Hailing from Kaabo, the Mantis V2 is the second major iteration in the ultra-popular Mantis line, which had both 8-inch tire and 10-inch tire versions. It features a powerful 1000 watt motor in each wheel, which definitely skews on the more powerful end for scooters. That’s paired with a whopping 1092wh battery, making for 27.2 miles of range to get you plenty far between charges. Clocking in at 66.4 lbs. The Mantis V2 isn’t light per se, but it’s reasonably manageable to tote around and with this weight, you will not be sacrificing speed, range, or weight capacity. Supporting a maximum 265 lb weight rider capacity, the Mantis V2 should work well for most folks. MANTIS V2 ELECTRIC SCOOTER PERFORMANCE REVIEW Are you looking for a flagship e-scooter without breaking the bank? Consider the Kaabo Mantis V2. In our range test, we rode for 27.2 miles on a single charge. We appreciated its blisteringly fast 2.2 second 0-15 mph acceleration that’s speedy yet smooth—the Mantis V2 absolutely shreds tires without snapping your head back. Its base model comes outfitted with sinewave, rather than square-wave, motor controllers, which lend buttery smooth throttle control. Packing plenty of power, the Mantis V2 handles hills with ease. Better yet, the Mantis doesn’t sacrifice comfort, balancing ride quality with raw performance. Scooter safety is critical, and one of the Mantis V2’s standout improvements is a Zoom hydraulic braking system. We found the V2’s stopping power slightly better than the 2020 Mantis Pro. Additionally, build quality is exceptional. You’ll find enhanced brakes, a bright headlight, front and rear turn signals, plus IPX5 water resistance. However, the front fender isn’t great, and the onboard display isn’t as bright as we’d like. Furthermore, the new Zoom brake and throttle ergonomics leave a bit to be desired. Nevertheless, the Kaabo Mantis V2 boasts professional-level performance with a superb feature set without costing an arm-and-a-leg.

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