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TOKEN BOTTOM BRACKET Ninja X Ceramic /Tiramic X Premium Suitable for Roadbike/ Mountain/Folding Bike


https://shopee.com.my/TOKEN-BOTTOM-BRACKET-Ninja-X-Ceramic-Tiramic-X-Premium-Suitable-for-Roadbike-Mountain-Folding-Bike-i.88088126.5580054576?sp_atk=e81cdcdc-de83-4085-9a69-94080438d736 BB Bearing Tk878EX-Premium Bearing TOKEN’s 878 external bottom bracket is an extremely high quality bottom bracket that was designed for use with all Shimano and SRAM GXP cranksets (with additional adapters). The bottom bracket is precision made for durability and smoothness – and did we mention it also looks pretty fantastic! We designed this bottom bracket so the bearings rest on the axle of the crankset to provide a straight load to the bearings, which results in a longer life for the bottom bracket. This also allows us to make the 878 with tighter tolerances so it runs smoother with less friction. This bottom bracket is available with our über-smooth TBT bearings or our Premium bearings. To keep the 878 long lasting and maintenance free, we use our patented X-Seals that keep water out of the bearings, which is very important when you ride hard in awful conditions. There are multiple small seals and this reduces the friction while providing a better barrier against moisture and dirt. The bearings themselves are precision manufactured and packed in slick, waterproof grease. To make it even more durable, we use oversized bearings so it is tough enough to use on mountain bikes. Nsk VV *best performance and best lifespan *made in Japan *noncontact low friction high performance VV model Ceramic/Tiramic *Token-ceramic/tiramic ball bearing with titanium coated race Token Tiramic TK878EX 68mm External Bottom Bracket BB With super smooth bearings and lightweight construction, this product from Token offers a great upgrade alternative over its main stream competitors. The Tiramic version utilise solid ceramic balls with Titanium coated bearing surfaces for smooth running, these are lighter than steel balls and proven to offer less transmission resistance. Tiramic version 103g/Set Upgraded Integrated Bottom Bracket Assembled with 6805R Bearing Ø24x37x7mm for precise crank/spindle fit Dual lip, labyrinth low-friction rubber seals for better water resistance CNC Forged Aluminum Cups Shimano Compatible BSA1.37”x24T for Road to fit 68/73mm Shell Equipped with Tiramic Bearings Maintenance and Care for Bottom Bracket NskVV bottom bracket Japanese bearings have very good seals. The grease will not leak out and dirt will not get in, the bearings do not need to re-grease or service. Servicing or opening the seals will damage the seals. Bearings for all brands and for bottom brackets and hubs will get damaged if exposed to degreaser, petrol, isopropyl alcohol, solvents, thinner, wd-40. DO NOT degrease or spray solvents on your chain while it is still attached to your bike, the solvents and degreaser will seep into your bottom bracket and wheelset hubs and degrease the bearings shortening the lifespan.

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