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Monton Cycling Women 3Quater Bib Lifestyle CHAWIND


Perfect 3/4 cycling bib tights for middling weather. If you are looking for a comfortable, functional pair of 3/4s that are also affordable, Monton Chawind would impress so much. Chawind Spring/Fall knickers are a really good example of the genre. They're based on the bib shorts construction, but the fabric extends to below the knee to provoide the right protection when it's too warm for tights but too cold for shorts. The shorts themselves are made from a elastic material which is 82% nylon and 18% elastane. This offers a good amount of stretch for a range of leg shapes. The fabric wicks moisture quickly and effective, drying fast too. Two side pockets on legs for extra storage. They mesh straps are wide, comfortable and stretchy enough to not dig in. Some reflective tag on the back of the calves where constant movement would make them more noticeable.The gender-specific pad is comfortable, well shaped and a good thickness. Features Two side pockets on the legs Two reflective stripes on back calves Basic blue padding chamois 18°-28°C / 64°-82°F

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