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How to Remove the Liner on Your Bell Bullitt Helmet


The classic Bell Bullitt helmet is one of the best-reviewed helmets on the Helmet Gurus. Like other helmets, the Bullit features a hard shell, liner, and padding – all designed for maximum protection and comfort. This article discusses the reasons and steps for removing the helmet’s liner.

Why You May Need To Remove the Liner

Before we discuss how to remove the helmet liner, let’s first look at why you may want to do so. After all, the liner is an integral part of the helmet; you should never ride without it. Well, you may want to remove it to clean the helmet properly.

Say you enjoy riding in the hot summer weather, but the sweat has made your helmet grimy. Or you have taken a few off-road adventures, and your helmet is dirty with dust. You must take the helmet apart to clean every nook and cranny thoroughly.

Like other helmet parts, the liner suffers wear and tear over the years. If it wears faster than the other parts, you can replace it and continue using the helmet. As expected, the replacement process requires you to extract the existing liner.

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You may also want to remove the liner to accelerate its drying. Consider a case where your Bullit helmet protects you from a downpour but gets wet. You must dry the helmet before using it again. Taking the helmet apart, which involves removing the liner, accelerates drying.

Step One: Separating the Cheek Pads

Now that you understand why you may need to remove the liner, let’s see how to go about it. The first step is to separate the helmet’s cheek pads. You do this by unclipping the chinstrap and helmet shield for easy access to the liner. Next, locate the cheek pad snaps (usually at the bottom of the cheek pad).

Once you locate the snaps, use your fingers to pry them open. You don’t need to put too much effort into these snaps since manufacturers expect you to snap them open and close. Lastly, slide out the cheek pads. If you encounter resistance, double-check that all the snaps are undone. The pads should slide out with ease.

The above steps are relatively easy if you have handled helmets for a long time. If you don’t already have a Bell Bullitt helmet, check out its pictures on Helmet Gurus while reading the above steps. That way, you will understand each step well.

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Step Two: Removing the Liner

You are halfway through the process at this point. You only remain with the removal of the actual liner. Your next step should be to locate the snaps that secure the snaps that secure the liner in place. Pry the snaps open individually, just as you did with the cheek pad snaps. Again, you shouldn’t have to force them open.

Some Bell Bullitt helmet models have additional padding above the liner, enhancing the helmet’s comfort. If you have such a helmet, you must remove the padding by unclasping the snaps or Velcro patches. Finally, you must pull the liner downwards and out of the helmet.

As you can see, you do not need to keep using a wet, damaged, or dirty liner. You can easily remove it for washing, drying, or replacement. Why don’t you teach your family members and friends (who are riders) how to remove the liner? Check out the Helmet Gurus for further tips on helmet care.

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