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Token Pressfit 41mm BB (Premiun Seal Bearing) @ free pos


TOKEN BOTTOM BRACKET PRESSFIT 41MM (Premiun Seal Bearing) COMPATIBLE SHIMANO/SRAM CRANK. To make the BB841P a tough bottom bracket, we use the best materials. This means the shell is made from a combination of fibre and plastic. This allows us to machine it precisely and allows it to fit precisely in the frame and eliminate squeaks. It also provides a stable platform for the bearings and gives them a longer lifespan. In order to make this bottom bracket even more durable we use our patented X-Seals to keep moisture out while keeping drag to a minimum. It also includes a tube that further enhances water repellence. The optional ceramic TBT bearings are extremely hard making the rolling resistance low and saving you precious energy. And since these bottom brackets are hand-assembled, we can be sure that only the most precisely made bottom brackets are ever packaged and sold. Sure, it’s a lot of effort but details matter. Specs: FRAME TYPE BB86 (ψ41x86.5mm) BB89.5 / BB92 (ψ41x89.5 / 92mm) CRANK TYPE Shimano (ψ24mm) SRAM GXP (ψ24-22mm) BEARING TYPE Premium COLOURS Black WEIGHT From 78 g / set PRODUCT CODE BB841PS: Crank: Shimano (24 mm), Premium Bearings BB841PR: Crank: SRAM GXP (24 – 22 mm), Premium Bearings Note : Some combinations require the use of a spacer(s) Note: When using SRAM GXP, use Shimano size and R231 adaptor for Road, R232 for MTB. Free pos west.m. East.m add Rm15. Tel:012-419 8933

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