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MAX Stainless Steel DUB M18/M30 Crank Bolt - Anti Rust / Anti Corrosion


Self-removing crank fixing bolt for DUB bottom bracket of various Sram cranks Tired of worn or broken crank bolt due to bad tolerance of the conventional bolt ?? Waste more $$$ due to frequent change of new bolt due to worries of worn / broken crank bolt?? Our crank bolt will allow you to wrench your bike with ease for a very long time Here is your solution: - We made our crank bolt out of stainless steel which is 2X harder than conventional replacement alloy bolt, last forever. - Stainless steel is anti corrosion, anti rust and super strong. No more seize crank bolt, broken or worn bolt. - No modification needed. Perfect fit >> All you need is to replace the crank bolt and reuse the washer and shim in your crank - Thread is original and will fit into your DUB crank without hassle. Smooth and fitting - Our bolt also have tighter tolerate so when you wrench, you are putting pressure on all 6 side of the hex wall instead of the corners. ( The stock bolt had too much play, causing many worn bolt ) Compatibility - Crank DUB bolt with integrated crank puller M18/M30 DUB XX1, GX, NX, SX Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/MAX-Stainless-Steel-DUB-M18-M30-Crank-Bolt-Anti-Rust-Anti-Corrosion-i.93180824.1615336476

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