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Bontrager R3 Hard-Case Lite Road Tire


A lightly-treaded road tire with proprietary TR-Speed compound and improved Hard-Case Lite puncture protection for unmatched speed, confidence, and durability. Lighter, faster, and longer lasting The all-new R3 Hard-Case Lite road tire rolls faster, with added traction, and a longer-lasting tread. The proprietary TR-Speed compound and updated Hard-Case Lite puncture protection increase both speed and durability while the lightly treaded design adds traction. With R3 you get a faster road racing tire that delivers added confidence through every corner. Product details -Designed for speed, traction, and durability while racing and road riding -Proprietary TR-Speed compound provides confident, fast-rolling performance -Hard-Case Lite with improved Nylon105 beaker belt provides lightweight puncture protection, great ride feel, and extra durability -Fast-rolling, lightly-treaded design adds traction and confidence -Low rolling resistance and excellent cornering grip -Tread styling gets more aggressive as size increases to better suit intended use

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