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Prologo Kappa Evo Pas | Manganese Rail @ free pos


Prologo Kappa Evo PAS Saddle - Manganese Rail Introducing the Prologo Kappa Evo PAS Saddle. Designed for comfort and performance, whatever the distance, this saddle boasts some on Prologo's most cutting-edge biomechanical features and construction materials. First is the PAS (Perineal Area System). This technology is designed to specifically eliminate spikes in pressure and numbness in the pelvic areas. Unlike many other saddles offering a cutout design the shape of this cutout leaves a durable and base that will not wear away over time. The PAS cutout ensures a continuity of pelvis movement even after numerous miles in the saddle. Next is the ESD (Ergo Shape Design). This refined and highly specialised ergonomic design comes as a result of several years of Prologo's biomechanical testing. The ESD features a slender front area and a short rear area that quickly reaches maximum width. This permits a round pedal stroke, allowing the rider to maintain a natural position. Creating a sturdy and durable base for the saddle is Prologo's Manganese rails. These chromium rails have a high hardness index and provide the perfect blend of mechanical resistance and compliance over the saddle's long lifespan. A light PU padding is covered in the durable and soft microfibre cover for the perfect level of comfort and padding that interacts seamlessly with your shorts' chamois. FEATURES Size(mm): 275X147 Weight: 251g Light Pu padding technology for a comfortable ride Semi-rounded profile Nylon injected base is strong and lightweight Chromo molibdeno rails are lightweight, stiff and durable Microfibre cover is easy to clean, attractive and looks great in a range of colours Semi-rounded shape Ideal for a multitude of disciplines, road, time trial, mountain biking and recreational use. Free pos west.m. Sabah sarawak add Rm15. Tel:012-419 8933

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