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Slamm Classic V9 Pro Scooter


http://www.bestscooterstore,com/products/Slamm-Classic-V9-Pro-Scooter.html Product Description Description The Slamm Classic V9 is a stunt scooter suitable for hitting the skatepark and for riding vert. The rugged chromoly steel bar on this setup is a really good choice for trying new tricks with critical landings. Additionally, for really smooth spin tricks, it comes equipped with IHC, an easy to maintain compression system. Wheels with a spoked core made out of aluminium, which are very durable and super stylish Featuring a narrow profile, resulting in less friction and therefore the possibility to gain speed fast Park-orientated Slamm pro scooter with a narrow and light deck which is easy to get airborne and very responsive in mid-air Peg-cut dropout, saves weight and gives you the option to mount a variety of pegs for an extended grinding surface Specifications Total height: 82.5cm Compression type: IHC Wheel diameter: 100mm Weight: 134.04oz Bar width: 520mm Headset type: Semi-Integrated Fork type: Threadless Max rider weight: 220lbs Material: Aluminum Deck design: One-piece Deck length: 19.5" (49.5cm) Deck width: 4.5" (11.4cm) Dropout Shape: Peg-cut Fork design: One-piece Bar Shape: T-shaped Bar material: Chromoly Steel Bar height: 570mm Bar outer diameter: 32mm (Regular) Bar inner diameter: 28mm Backsweep: No Clamp size: Triple Wheel profile: Narrow Wheel hardness: 88A Wheel hub width: 24mm Core material: Aluminum Core design: Spoked Axle diameter: 8mm Bearing precision: ABEC-9 Brake type: Flex Fender Assembly: Partly assembled

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