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Shimano Deore SL-4100 10speed Shifter


Deore shifter SL-M4100 by Shimano - clamp model for 10-speed The Shimano Deore SL-M4100 shifter (unlike SL-M4100-I) is attached to the right side of the handlebars with a clamp. It is aimed at Mountain bikers and Touring cyclists with 10-speed drivetrains and has an easy-to-read gear indicator. As a Rapidfire-Plus shifter, the SL-M4100 features a 2-Way Release function, i.e. the shifter cable can be released by pressing with the thumb or by pulling with the index finger. A cable and an OT-SP41 cable housing are included. Specifications: Series: Deore M4100 Application: All Mountain, City & Touring Gearing: 10-speed Mount: clamp (closed) Technical Information: Type: Rapidfire Plus Body Material: aluminium Lever Material: plastic, steel (main lever), synthetic resin, steel (release lever) Cable: steel (Optislick) Cable Housing: OT-SP41 Gear Indicator: yes Adjustment Options: - cable adjust Features: - faster access and smooth shifting - optical gear indicator for more safety when shifting gears - max. number of gears per shift: 3 (main lever, rear) - compatible with MTB 10-speed rear derailleurs - Optislick cable with a minimal, uniform galvanic coating for more efficient cable routing and corrosion resistance - painted housing - stainless steel clamp bolts Technology: 2-Way-Release With 2-Way-Release, the shifter can be pressed and pulled to shift to the smaller sprocket or chainring. This allows you to adjust the shifting process to your personal preferences. All newer Rapidfire Plus shifters are equipped with 2-Way-Release. Models: 10-speed: Mount: right Manufacturer Part Number: I-SLM4100RAP Original Shimano Japan Shopee Link : https://shopee.com.my/product/28050577/568398594?smtt=0.28051961-1646912906.9 Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/KedaiBasikalHupSeng/

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