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MAX Non Coloured WAX Chain Lube ( For Indoor trainer only )


MAX Chain Lube is formulated especially for " Indoor Trainer " Keeping your house / training area floor clean Use the best lubricant to provide excellent lubrication, your bike component protection, anti rust and ensure smooth shifting of the gears Specification 1. Cleaner than using chain oil type lube & no dripping mess 2. Easy to apply and most importantly easy to remove /clean 3. The chain lube must contain lubrication in order to minimise component wear & tear 4. It will keep the component well lubricated & smooth shifting of the gear during during indoor training 5. It must work for road bike and mountain bike 6. Affordable pricing Shopee: https://shopee.com.my/MAX-Non-Coloured-WAX-Chain-Lube-(-For-Indoor-trainer-only-)-40-grams-i.93180824.7646276903?sp_atk=d1f5a4c2-8e96-4270-83a5-2e6bbfe4ef3a&xptdk=d1f5a4c2-8e96-4270-83a5-2e6bbfe4ef3a

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