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WTB Rocket V Pro Saddles | Comfort Zone Available @ free pos


PRODUCT OVERVIEW The Rocket V is WTB’s most popular high-performance saddle both on the road and in the dirt. The uniquely contoured pad shape helps increase power output by properly angling the sit bones. This is the saddle of choice for top-ranked UCI downhiller Steve Peat of the Santa Cruz Syndicate. Love Channel™: Found on all WTB saddles, the Love Channel has one very important task: protect your body from unwanted pressures. Unlike other more radical approaches, this central depression provides soft-tissue relief without sacrificing the design integrity of the saddle. Comfort Zone™: Our exclusive Comfort Zone™ cut-out provides additional relief from pressure on the sensitive areas. Flex-tuned™: A lightweight, supportive shell that is specifically engineered for comfort & performance. This nylon shell provides stable riding support as well as additional flexibility and comfort. • Usage - Mountain and Road riding. • Size - 127mm x 258mm • Weight - 260g • Whale Tale pedaling platform. • Popular model. • Details - Synthetic cove, Flex-tuned shell with Comfort Zone Free pos west.m. East.m add Rm10. Tel: 012-419 8933

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