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Fulcrum Wind 40 Disc Brake 2WF C19 Road Bike Wheelset


BIKE WHEELS / ROAD BIKE WHEELS WIND 40 DB The combination of attention to aerodynamics and versatility creates Wind 40 DB. It's natural to point out that the design of the 40 mm rim is the direct descendant of the 55 profile: all the solutions developed for the higher profile have been included here, in a less specialised version. So 40 mm, a light rim, created by the superposition of wide, modern unidirectional layers, with a pronounced profile (8 mm radius): innovative shapes, designed to blend with the tyre in a single element capable of eliminating turbulence, avoiding interrupting the flow of air that meets the wheel during the race. But 40 mm also means versatility, because it is generally one of the sizes most appreciated by those who do not want to overdo things, but want an excellent wheel uphill, stiff and snappy, precise when riding. The system is completed with aluminium hubs, designed at the CNC, which support 24 "straight pull" spokes, guaranteeing maximum overall rigidity, both in acceleration and when braking, without influences due to the asymmetric nature of the forces coming from the disc and cogset. Wind 40 DB is certainly the multi-purpose choice, with a strong focus on aerodynamics, to be fast, very fast, uphill, fast, very fast, on the flat, and just as much so downhill. PRICE: EUR 1263 WHERE TO BUY TECHNOLOGIES 2-WAY FITâ„¢RDBâ„¢ RIM DYNAMIC BALANCEDRSCâ„¢ - DIRECTIONATED RIM-SPOKE COUPLINGMOMAGâ„¢ANTI-ROTATION SYSTEMâ„¢F.I.C. FULCRUM IDENTIFICATION CARD - 100% HANDMADE QUALITYTRACEABILITYAFS AXLE SYSTEMâ„¢RIM FULL CARBON TECHNOLOGYWIDE RIM TECHUNDRILLED RIM BEDDISC SPECIFIC RIM FEATURES TYRE TYPE 2-Way fit (for clincher and tubeless) TYRE SIZE 28" DISCIPLINE Road / Triathlon ASTM CATEGORY 2 WEIGHT 1620 g RIM MATERIAL Carbon RIM MATERIAL DETAILS Full carbon, "UD" - carbon fiber finishing PROFILE HEIGHT Medium RIM HEIGHT Front and rear: 40 mm RIM WIDTH 27 mm INNER RIM WIDTH (CHANNEL) 19 mm TYRE WIDTH From 23 mm to 50 mm BRAKING SYSTEM Disc brake BRAKING SURFACE/BRAKES OPTIONS AFS FRONT AXLE COMPATIBILITY HH12-100 REAR AXLE COMPATIBILITY HH12-142 FRONT WHEEL SPOKES 24 (16 left - 8 right) REAR WHEEL SPOKES 24 (8 left - 16 right) SPOKES: MATERIAL Stainless steel, double butted SPOKES: PROFILE Rounded, straight pull NIPPLES Aluminum FRONT HUB Aluminum, Aluminum flanges REAR HUB Aluminum, Aluminum flanges BEARINGS Sealed cartridge bearings OTHERS Aluminum Axle WEIGHT LIMIT 109 kg (Cyclist) FWB HG11 CONTACT JEFF 0124442268 <Whatsapp>https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=60124442268 NO 7 JLN EQUINE 9A,TMN EQUINE 43300 SERI KEMBANGAN SELANGOR.

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