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Bike Ribbon Colordrops handle bar tape


The Bike Ribbon Colordrops / Drops handle bar tape is design with cushioning Eva tape base of 3mm center that tapered down to 0.5mm edge that is easy to wrap with a consistent finishing, tacky PU surface that makes it grippy to hold onto while riding. A bar tape with random multi colors hidden beneath the black surface only exposed mildly on the dotted cut out, speckled throughout the entire length of the bar tape. Weighting below 90g each pair before trimming. Born in the early 1970s in Briaza, north of Milan, Italy, the initial Bike Ribbon bar tape was an invention to the solution of countering rough road bumps with a thicker & softer center than standard bar tapes that tapered down on the edges, achieving a consistently softer, grippier & comfortable that is consistent on thickness. Throughout the years, Bikeribbon had led changes in bar tape materials, performance & culture. Each set of bar tapes comes with 2 full length tapes of 210cm each, 2 short pieces, 2 stickers, 2 end plugs Available in multi color or Italia tricolores Interested pls whatapp 017-2052967 COD: https://goo.gl/maps/jgiBNxcvmSVmS25f9 Postage: West Malaysia RM10 East Malaysia RM15

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