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Monton Saddle Bag


Mini Bike Saddle Bag to Keep Your Repair Kit Handy As a everyday carry, this small saddle bag keeps your repair kit and gear stowed away safe and secure. The surface is made of small square PU fabric, which is water-repellent. This compact and convenient bag is perfect for carrying small-to-mid-sized items. You can keep basic tools to fix minor problems, such as punctures and loose bolts. You leave them attached to your bike in case of emergency. It attaches easily and uses waterproof zip closures to ensure secure storage of your essentials. Two sizes webbing are equipped for different seat tube sizes. This is an item that you can use day in and day out on your road bike, commuter bike, or even gravel bike on shorter rides. Measurements: Length: 185mm (7.28 Inches) Width: 90mm (3.54 Inches) Height: 60mm (2.36 Inches)

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