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2021 MAX WAX Based Wet Lube


Our latest MAX WAX Chain Lube is our lastest WAX based, contains WAX, chain lubricant and and 99% cleaner than most conventional oil lube. Easier to apply as in liquid form and different percentage (%) in lubrication will suit a rider requirement in all weather condition ( dry, semi wet or wet ) whether it is mountain or road bike MAX Chain Lube is formulated using the best lubricant to provide excellent lubrication, your bike component protection, anti rust and ensure smooth shifting of the gears 1. Easier to apply in liquid form 2. Easier to remove or clean when cleaning 3. The chain lube contain lubrication in order to minimise component wear & tear 4. Requires NO hot melting nor chemical to apply to your bike chain 5. It must work for road bike and mountain bike 6. Colour: Maroon; 35% Lubrication 7. Affordable pricing How to apply: 1. Before applying, wash your bike chain clean with degreaser / petrol / diesel 2. Drop on to your bike's chain and rub evenly. ( Pls do not use wipe off excess, let it dry ) 3. If riding condition is very wet, apply a 2nd coat just before riding 4. Spread evenly so the WAX is coated externally and internally 5. To remove, just use a brush and water, with DEGREASER There are 4 variant: Super clean Lube- 5% lubrication / chain cleanliness is highest ( White colour ) Ultra Dry Lube - 10% lubrication / Chain cleanliness is high ( Orange colour ) Dry Lube - 20% lubrication / Chain cleanliness is medium ( Yellow colour ) Wet Lube - 35% more lubrication / Chain cleanliness is medium low ( Maroon colour ) Please refer to our MAX Chain lube chart to select the correct lube which suit your requirements of oil retaining, lubrication to component, cleanliness, water resistant and how much protection it gives to your bike's component Where to buy: https://shopee.com.my/2021-MAX-WAX-Based-Wet-Lube-for-MTB-Wet-condition-60-ml-i.93180824.2629165453

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