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Cylion Teflon Chain Oil


Walk in at Jalan Kenari , Sg Ara. 11am to 4pm. Mon - Friday. WhatSapp: 0129966229 https://shopee.com.my/product/34586943/2033949963/ Lain Lain Barang check sini:- https://shp.ee/w5tqnbj Description: The new and improved CYLION Dry Lube is a specialized lubricant used in highend bicycle chains, transmission gears and other drivetrain components. DuPont Teflon and other special additives combine to give superior protection against mechanical wear, dust and unwanted noise. Even in rough road conditions and bad weather, the long-lasting performance of CYLION Dry Lube will give you a smooth and worry-free ride. The exclusive patented bottle cap design also ensures effective and waste-free lubricant application. This lube goes on wet and and stays wet on the chain. It builds its coating on the frictional surfaces of a drive train; cyclists will feel the smoothness and appreciate the added quietness. Cylion's chain lube ensures maximum drive train efficiency. It is recommended for long-distance riding and extreme weather conditions. CYLION Chain Lubricant is specially formulated for use on bicycle chains, bearings and gears. It is a product developed by professionals through intensive research and produced under precise and technologically advanced manufacturing processes. It has been tested by thousands of experienced riders under various road conditions. It enhances overall mechanical performance of the drive system with improved protection against rust, dust and heat even under heavy loads. Using the patented gear-to-chain lube application device is cleaner, waste-free and eco-friendly. Wet Lube Grease Oil Lubricant Cleaning We need a dropship, if interested and any questions can be ws izzati 0162942992. -Promote bicycle accessories. -No need capital. -No charged. -No need keep stocks. -No need posting -We manage pos for you -Just promote stuff only. -Sales income per month can be Rm1000 ++

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