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TOKEN PULLEY SET | SHIMANO/SRAM 12 SPEED | MTB TK1746MX | 14T-16T Pulley set DETAILS Usually Skinny Fat is an insult but in the case of these pulleys, it’s not. We looked at the chain and noticed that half the links are wider and half are narrower and we designed the teeth of the pulley to fit the gaps perfectly. The pulleys teeth have a fat and skinny look to them but they fit the chain like a well-tailored suit. Unlike someone who is skinny fat, these pulleys are made of strong and durable 7075 alloy. SPECS BEARINGS : Premium PULLEY WHEEL : Upper 14T, lower 16T RD COMPATIBILITY : SHIMANO & SRAM 12s MTB WEIGHT : 26.3 g / set PULLEY MATERIAL : Aluminium COLOURS : Black PRODUCT CODE : TK1746MX Operation Hours 10:10am - 6.50pm | Monday Closed For more info, kindly contact 03 78312664 or WhatsApp 010 285 0150 - RIGHTEOUS BIKE SHOP Can visit our shop at Alam Budiman, Shah Alam, Selangor. WAZE or GOOGLE MAPS - RIGHTEOUS BIKE SHOP - https://goo.gl/maps/dh81WQcFdJFWciNg6 Instagram : Righteous Bike Shop Shopee : Righteous Bike Shop

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